Product Provenance & Traceability

Today products have to traverse an increasingly complex supply-chain before they reach the end customers. Given the increased number of participants, the number of hand-overs involved, and multitude of transaction recording systems, it is little wonder that brand-owners are finding it difficult to establish product provenance and product quality traceability for assurance or audit purposes.

On one side, consumers are demanding more information and transparency about the products they are buying. On the other side, even the brand owner’s teams like supply-chain and/or product quality & safety are wanting comprehensive visibility into the product journey through its supply-chain. While most product categories are under pressure to deliver on the above, the need to do this for perishable and/or temperature sensitive products (like Food, Pharma etc) is probably the highest.

By integrating Blockchain with our IoT solution, we not only help establish product provenance & quality traceability for food and pharma products, we also allow the brands and logistics companies achieve this objective with least disruption to existing systems and most cost- efficiency.