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Advance Diagnostics & Telematics


Our Remote & Advance diagnostics and telematics solution (WiseRadiant), has been specifically designed to help logistics companies and commercial fleet operators address the core of their business by reducing fuel & repair related operational expenses, enhancing fleet availability and improving profitability.

Cold-chain & Reefer Logistics


Inadequate cold-chain infrastructure in developing economies often cause goods to perish as they are transported and stored in sub-optimal conditions. Our solution leverages IoT, Analytics, and Blockchain technology to provide visibility and insights about the goods and assets involved, every step of the way.

Product Provenance & Traceability


Our product provenance & traceability solution not only helps internal stakeholders like supply-chain and product quality groups get improved visibility into product’s journey through its supply-chain, it also helps consumer brands establish differentiation through increased information transparency to customers

Asset Tracking & Monitoring


As manufacturing operations and supply-chains become more automated and sophisticated, they are also becoming asset intensive. Our solution leverages IoT and Analytics not only to provide track-and-trace capabilities for assets but also lets enterprises maximize the business value of their deployed assets.

Our Products

  • Modular, remotely configurable & stackable design allows provision of desired sensors based on customer requirement
  • Supports location, temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration, light & other custom sensors
  • Optimized for LPWAN using LoRa proprietary Private Network; supports both Sub 1GHz & 2.4 GHz communication with RF Star and Mesh technology
  • On-the-fly provisioning & commissioning; auto discovery & joining process with the Gateway
  • Secured & encrypted communication with the Gateway
  • Supports Edge Analytics with custom Algorithms to monitor critical parameters
  • Bi-Directional communication with Gateway
  • Capability to operate in a temperature range from   -30°C to 60°C
  • Modular, remotely configurable & stackable design allows provisioning of functionality based on customer requirements
  • Supports Edge Analytics through agents pushed to the gateway from the IoT platform
  • Supports Sub 1GHz & GSM/GPRS based communication
  • Bi-Directional communication with IoT Platform for data handling, device management & over-the-air capabilities
  • Secure communication with IoT Platform and Sensor Nodes
  • Remote device management capabilities through IoT Platform
  • Leverages rechargeable internal battery + USB power supply
  • 1 Gateway can track and support multiple end-nodes thereby reducing cost-of-ownership

SaaS based IoT Platform comprising the following distinct modules:

  • WisePulse – A fully functional, cross-platform, cloud-native and on-premise Admin Workbench, that connects IoT Platforms like Azure and AWS with Big Data and Analytics capability
  • WiseSense – Cross Platform Analytics Engine with domain specific Models and Algorithms
  • WiseApps – Customer facing Apps with rich dashboards, KPIs and alerts
  • WiseConnect – For integration and connectivity to internal & 3rd party systems
  • WiseOpsCentre – For tracking & management of complex IoT deployments

Products designed to fit your Business Needs

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About Us

At SensiWise, we bring agility, efficiency, transparency and innovation to your operations. We do this, by leveraging the power of IoT,  Analytics and Blockchain technology to provide you with real-time visibility and insights into your assets and operations. As a group of experienced industry experts, we are aware of the critical roadblocks in the adoption of IoT and Analytics solutions by enterprises. We are committed to changing this with our solutions.

Our Promise

Ready-to-deploy Solution

Operational in thirty days or less of project commencement; configured to your requirement

Comprehensive Solution

Covers all solution Components – End-nodes, IoT Gateway, Platform, Apps & Insights

Open & Flexible Architecture

Modular, Flexible & Interoperable solutions that grow with you, at your pace

SaaS Model

No speculative initial investments; simple Pay-as-you-Go SaaS pricing model


Puneet Jetli

Our Founder

Puneet has over 25 years of experience in the IT Industry. His past roles have given him a rich experience of evangelizing & helping enterprises realize business value from technology disruptions. In his last 2 stints, he has been part of start-ups and have seen them scale successfully from the concept stage to become well-established brands. 

Till recently, Puneet was the Co-founder & CEO of the Digital Transformation business at Happiest Minds Technologies. During his 6 years stint, he was responsible for building a fast-growing, differentiated, innovation-led business with a global footprint, literally from the drawing-board stage.



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to support you to leverage the power of IoT, Analytics and Blockchain for business agility, efficiency, transparency & innovation.

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