Advance Diagnostics & Telematics

Today’s logistics and commercial fleet operations demand high level of operational agility, cost efficiency, information sharing & transparency with stakeholders while continuing to establish differentiation through innovation.

Most fleet operators have deployed a simple GPS based solution on their vehicles. While this helps in real-time location tracking of the vehicle and some other location/speed based functionality, it does not help them either reduce the cost or enhance profitability of their fleet operations.

Our remote & advance diagnostics and telematics solution (WiseRadiant), has been specifically designed to help logistics companies and fleet operators enhance the financial & operational health of their business. By leveraging a variety of sensors, our solution is able to collect operational, health & diagnostics related data from the vehicle.

By applying Analytics & Machine learning, the solution provides visibility, insights, recommendations and benchmarking data at fleet, vehicle, trip, route & driver level.

Fleet operators could use WiseRadiant for all or some of the following functionality:

Fuel Measurement & Monitoring
Enhancing Fuel Efficiency
Vehicle Health & Diagnostic
Preventive Maintenance
Driving Style Insights
Vehicle Status Tracking
Location Tracking
Geo-Fencing & Route Compliance